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Dave's Daily Devo - August 12

  • 2016 Aug 12

Those “Cave” Experiences

Psalm 142


There are eight Psalms in Israel’s Hymnbook where the editor points us back to David’s flight from King Saul. Like Psalm 57, this is one of his cave experiences where he hid out as Saul’s army scoured the hills to take him dead or alive. Only Army Rangers, Navy Seals, or other special forces left on their own behind enemy lines can identify line by line with David’s prayer, but as we each face challenges and don’t have a clue how they will end, David’s honesty about the struggle of his spirit as he hangs out in a cave helps.

“When my spirit inside gets weak, You, You know my path. In the path where I walk, they put out snares to trap me. -  Psalm 142:3

In the cave David was in a lot worse shape than Mary and I have ever been. We’ve never faced the traps Saul was placing against him, but it was tough last year wrestling with leaving the home Mary and I built with our own hands and raised our four kids in since 1979. So though our cries were not nearly as loud as David’s, the LORD taught us a lot about the fact that in the end only He is our shelter.

“I shouted to You, O LORD. I cried, ‘You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.” - Psalm 142:5

LORD, if David could trust You in a cave, we can all trust that You will guide us to the right place, a place of refuge. And we deeply appreciate the fact that in eternity Your Son is preparing a lot more secure and beautiful room for us.

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