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Countering Lies: Just the Facts - Dave's Daily Devo - August 15

  • 2018 Aug 15


Countering Lies –Just the Facts

Acts 24:10-21

When a prosecuting attorney uses flattery and slander to bolster his case against us in court, how should we respond? Should we counter the rhetoric with even more flowery appeals to the pride of the judge or jury?

When the Apostle Paul stood before Felix, the Roman governor, in a hearing in Caesarea, like Sergeant Joe Friday in the old Dragnet TV show, it was “Just the facts!”

“When the governor motioned for Paul to speak, he responded to Tertullus’ accusations. Recognizing that for many years you’ve been a judge over this nation, I gladly make my defense before you. As you can determine, it’s not been more than twelve days since I went up to Jerusalem to worship. Those accusing me did not find me in the Temple with anyone arguing or stirring up a crowd or doing any of this in a synagogue or anywhere else in the city. Neither can they prove to you the things they’re now accusing me of. I will admit this: I do walk according to the Way, what they call a sect. In fact, I’m worshiping the God of my fathers, believing all that stands written in the Law and the Prophets. I have the same hope in God as my accusers, looking forward to the resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous. So I strive always to have a clear conscience toward God and men.

After many years I came to my nation bringing alms and offerings. While doing this, they found me performing the rite of purification. There was no crowd or tumult. But some Jews from Asia—they’re the ones who should be standing before you pressing charges if they have anything against me. And these who are standing here should state the crime they uncovered when they stood me before the Sanhedrin. The one thing that is true—I did cry out that concerning the resurrection of the dead I’m being judged before you today.” Acts 24:10-21

It certainly not a crime to believe that there is going to be a resurrection. And the logic is clear. If God is going to raise the dead in the future, then why is it preposterous to believe that He has already raised His Son, the Messiah? Certainly Paul should not be viewed as a terrorist for believing this.

In a world where I’m praying one minute against the violence my Kenyan friends are facing in the aftermath of their presidential election and in the next minute the evil of white supremacy and neo Nazism brings death in Charlottesville right here, only Jesus’ resurrection gives us a true hope.

LORD, thank you that the Apostle Paul simply stuck to the facts and trusted that in the midst of all the false charges, you would continue to enable him to keep testifying to the resurrection. Overcome the virulent hate that is erupting over race and blood by the greater power of Calvary love.

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