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Dave's Daily Devo - August 18

  • 2016 Aug 18

The True Economic Power House

Psalm 144


Not so long ago many economists were saying that BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), with their massive populations, raw materials, and centralized government controls over banks and currency would soon dominate world economics. Again I’ve learned not to trust too strongly in the experts when they predict future trends, but one thing I do know. Whether it’s Brazil, China, or the U.S., all need to bow before the One who actually does control the purse strings, the ultimate source of prosperity.

As Israel’s hymnbook moved toward its close, the Israelites didn’t sing the Brazilian National Anthem or the Star Spangled Banner. Instead, they sang these lyrics after praying for deliverance from lying, deceptive enemies,

“Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, our daughters adorned like pillars in a palace.   Our warehouses will be full with goods being passed from one to the other.    Our sheep will produce by the thousands, multiplying by tens of thousands in our pastures;

Our oxen will pull heavy loads.

There will be no breaching of our walls and no screams in the streets.
Blessed are the people who experience this kind of prosperity.
Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD.”

My Texas AG friends can relate better to this ancient description of national blessing than my urban friends, but one thing we can all understand as followers of Christ—the LORD is the true source of economic blessing.

LORD, you’ve commanded us to pray for those who govern us, so I pray that You will powerfully move those who rule to trust in You, not in their own economic projections or strategies. Psalm 144 twice exposes lying and corruption (vs. 8, 11), so I continue to ask that Your children in government, wherever they serve, will have the courage to stand up against bribes, partiality, cronyism, and dishonesty. Thank You today for my own grown children who You have nurtured since their youth and for the joy that Mary and I are getting to see Your blessing upon our grandchildren.

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