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Dave's Daily Devo - August 19

  • 2016 Aug 19

Singing His Praises

Psalm 145:1-4


After playing several games of mixed volleyball and enticing the couples to play whiffle ball, the men wanted to play what they call “Futebol Society.” The idea is to set up small goals at the ends of a field about the size of a basketball court and with six players and a goalie, you play soccer (the real name here in Brazil is futebol).

David Cox, Jr., my nephew, has organized a Ministerial Alliance for Atibaia and this was their winter get away at a private retreat out in the country close to Atibaia. After the futebol, we gathered in a tent and David pointed to Roberto. He strummed a few chords and then everyone sang, Canai Ao Senhor Um Cantico Novo (Sing To The LORD A New Song). Roberto concluded our praises to the LORD with Ele E Exaltado. Many of you Spanish speakers will know the words though this is Portuguese.

Ele é exaltado, pra sempre exaltado, seu nome louvarei!
Ele é o Senhor! Sua verdade vai sempre reinar.
Terra e céus glorificam seu santo nome
Ele é exaltado, o Rei é exaltado nos céus!
Ele e exaltado, o Rei e exaltado,nos ceus, er O loubraei!

In English , He Is Exalted-Twila Paris

He is exalted, the King is exalted on High
I will praise Him
He is exalted forever exalted
And I will praise His name

He is the Lord 
Forever His truth shall reign
Heaven and earth rejoice in His holy name
He is exalted the King is exalted on high
He is exalted the King is exalted on high

In Psalm 145 King David challenges us to sing the LORD’s praises daily (v. 2) and in vv. 3-4 his lyrics go like this,

“Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
His greatness is unfathomable!

One generation to another-they laud Your works and continually retell
Your mighty deeds. “

LORD, King David sings to You constantly, every day. Like a Dallas Cowboy fan boasting about this coming season, David lets everyone know how great You are as proved by Your acts. Thanks that he wrote his songs down so that we can keep joining him in praise today. Help me pass this praise to the next generation.

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