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Dave's Daily Devo - August 23, 2017

  • 2017 Aug 23

Demolishing Temples

Luke 21:5-6


If the goal of football is to have the best facilities in the business, then no one is even close to the Dallas Cowboys. Last summer the Cowboys even left Valley Ranch behind and conducted their first practice inside The Star. When this new headquarters and practice facility are totally developed it will be a 91 acre Jerry World with shopping, dining, hotels, and an indoor stadium that seats 12,000. Public high school football players will walk on the field for Friday night lights after the pros leave their practice field. Now that’s entrepreneurial genius, and Jerry Jones has it—a 1.2 billion dollar facility. But if the goal is to win football games, the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in two decades, and when reporters interviewed the Cowboy players by their state of the art lockers in their new facilities, they stressed that the practice building would mean nothing if they didn’t win on the field. What does God think about the importance of buildings when it comes to worshiping Him today?

Here’s a model of Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem where Jesus conducted teaching sessions in the days before His crucifixion. One of the reasons His enemies murdered Him is that Jesus predicted this about one of the wonders of the first century world.

“And while some were talking about the Temple--its gorgeous stones, built with freewill offerings, all adorning the structure-- Jesus said, ‘These things you see, days will come in which there will not be left one stone upon the other that will not be thrown down.’” Luke 21:5-6

Food for thought: 

  • Why did God allow Titus’ Roman legions in AD 70 to fulfill this prophecy?
  • What does this destruction of the Jerusalem Temple say about Jesus’ view towards buildings as He builds His Church?
  • How did the Church grow and prosper for three hundred years before Constantine made Christianity the religion of The Empire and the first Basilica’s were built?

LORD, I am awed by facilities like The Star and AT&T Stadium as symbols of Cowboy power and success. I can apply this same value system to churches. Help me to realize that You haven’t localized Your presence in a building since Ezekiel saw Your Shekinah leave the Holy of Holies. I’m still blown away that Your Spirit has made Himself at home in my life since I believed in Your Son.

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