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Dave's Daily Devo - August 31, 2017

  • 2017 Aug 31

Caught Drunk and High

Luke 21:34-38


“Kathy, how about Saturday night? There’s no home football game this week, and Chris’ brother is coming in from Tech for the weekend. So it’s party time at his house. Chris just texted me with the invite. How about it? It’ll be much better than Netflix and popcorn at your house.”

 “Sounds good.” Kathy texted her new boyfriend, and went on to class.

As Kathy took off her wrap and dove into Chris’ pool to join the rest of the kids, she realized why his big brother was so important. Chris’ parents were out of town and his brother had made sure that the coolers were iced with lots of beer in place on the patio beside the pool.

The next morning these kids would be in church playing lead roles in their youth group. In the summer they went on mission trips, but it was now the fall, a Saturday night, and soon they would be away at college where everyone partied.

Jesus knew that it wouldn’t just be Texas teenagers tempted to come of age and handle pressure by getting a little drunk and smoking some weed. Adult believers party too, and during His last week our Savior warns all of us who claim to follow Him to remember, it’s not just the parents who might suddenly burst through the front door.

“Keep yourselves alert! Don’t allow your hearts to be weighed down with too much alcohol at a drinking party, with drunkenness, and with all the worries of life, lest that Day suddenly snaps upon you, like a trap. For it will certainly come upon everyone living on the face of the earth. 

Therefore, be wide awake at all times and pray that you might escape all that is about to happen and stand before the Son of Man.”   Luke 21: 34-38

Two pilots got arrested before they took the controls and tried to fly 141 passengers from Scotland to Newark, New Jersey . They got busted for having too much alcohol in their blood. We all shake our heads at the stupidity of ruining your career because you sat too long at the bar before takeoff, but we need to remember that Jesus could return at any moment. We need to be sober and awake for this takeoff.

LORD, give my friends raising teenagers the boldness to ask their kids about whether parents are going to be home to give oversight and help them to risk saying no if they aren’t sure the parents will keep things legal for their kids. Lord, the fact that You could return at any moment protected me a lot as a kid. Help me not to get dumb in old age.

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