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Dave's Daily Devo - December 22

  • 2016 Dec 22

The Child

Luke 2:39-40


Not exactly Star Wars, but In December of 1978 the new release was “Superman: The Movie.”Big name stars like Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman joined newcomers like Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder to bring the comic book super hero to the big screen.

The film began with a father launching his son away from the doomed planet Krypton in a spacecraft. Thousands of years later, the ship crashes in Smallville, Kansas, on the land of John and Martha Kent, a farming couple. The child, now only three—time slowed down because of the speed of the spacecraft--is adopted by the Kents. When their son lifts a truck, they become aware of his special powers. This intro leads us to ask, “How will this special child use his strength when he grows to maturity?”    

A father sending his son to earth. A son with super human strength, but who grows up as a normal child in a small town, only to reveal his power at the proper time. Where did these ideas come from? Hollywood knows the elements of a good story and is not ashamed to borrow from the Ultimate Story—the true Story Luke has introduced us to in his narrative about Jesus’ birth. He closes his account of the birth like this:

 “Now when they had completed all the things required by the Law of the LORD, they returned to Galilee to the city of Nazareth. The child grew and became strong filled with wisdom, and God’s favor was upon Him.“ -  Luke 2:39-40

The setting returns to Nazareth where we heard Gabriel announce the virgin birth to Mary. Here in his closing summery Luke reminds us again that Mary and Joseph were devout Jews obeying God’s Law, He also tells us that Jesus grew up in the country in a small town, and like other children, He grew physically. He also grew in the skill of living. This stress on the boy Jesus’ wisdom leads us into Luke’s next episode, the only biblical account we have of Jesus’ childhood. But before we continue, we will take time in our Christmas Devo to bring together what Luke’s Story has told us so far about the Child.

LORD, half of my grandkids are hanging out with Mary and me for a few days during this Christmas season. They range in age from fourteen to two. They are definitely growing physically, and we are asking You daily to help them grow in wisdom. Help them to follow Jesus beginning in their childhood all the way through to maturity.

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