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A Birthday Party - Dave's Daily Devo - December 25

  • 2018 Dec 25


A Birthday Party 

Luke 1-2  

Years ago when Eastern Europe was behind the Berlin Wall, I got to go to an isolated camp in northern Poland to teach young adults how to live a wise life in a foolish world from the Book of Proverbs. One night they introduced me to a Polish birthday custom. It was Maui’s birthday and he sat in the seat of honor. Instead of gifts, we sat around him, and one by one shared something special about who he was and what he meant to us.  

Today we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday, and here’s an idea. Sometimes during a lull in the holiday activity take some time to share with your family Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth.  Jesus is going to be the main character in Luke’s Gospel, yet in the first two chapters, Jesus doesn’t say a word. (The text doesn’t even tell us that he did or didn’t cry.) On the other hand in the events of the first Christmas, Luke tells us a ton about Jesus. 

Here’s my suggestion for the “Birthday Party.” 

Start reading from the beginning, Luke 1:1. As your family listens, have them note what the Scripture actually tells us about who Jesus is or what he will do and then express why he is special and what he means to them.

LORD, thank you that you were conceived in Mary and that you were born in Bethlehem. I’m still blown away by the fact that you were willing to become a baby and lie in that feeding trough. Use this Devo to help us, today, discover from Luke’s Christmas Story who you are and what you desire to do not only for the world but also for each of us if we will humbly open up and trust.

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