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The Devastation of War - Dave's Daily Devo - February 11

  • 2019 Feb 11


The Devastation of War 

Hosea 13:15-16

War is often pictured as a combat between professional soldiers when down through history, the violence explodes against civilians, especially women and children. This was true when Samaria fell to the Assyrians in 722 BC.

“Even though he thrives among his brothers, an east wind from the LORD will come. It will arise from the wilderness; Ephraim’s springs will fail and his wells will dry up. His storerooms will be plundered of all their cherished treasures.

The inhabitants of Samaria must bear their guilt because they have rebelled about their God. By the sword they will fall. Their children will be shattered and their pregnant women ripped open.” Hosea 13:15-16

An audience that demands trigger warnings every time difficult, painful subjects are going to be brought up will never hear a lot of the reality that God includes in his Redemptive Story. The fact is that when the Assyrian’s three-year siege against Samaria ended and the soldiers entered the city, it was not G-rated. The blood flowed and this included horrible violence against pregnant women and children.

The same reality is happening around the world and Hosea has made it clear that human sin, specifically the hardened rebellion of God’s own people, leads to God’s withdrawal of protection. What is left is the bloody violence that led to the flood at the beginning of the Story in Genesis 6 and now the fall of Samaria in the time of Hosea.

This warns me to take seriously the consequences of disobeying God’s moral principles, like don’t put your ultimate trust in human appointed political leaders, the power of weapons, cunning diplomatic intrigue, lying, stealing, adultery, and, most of all, don’t’ get down and worship anyone or anything except the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. And Jesus is the ultimate judge who told his disciples how he feels about children, “Let the children come to me.” (Mark 10:14)

LORD, I pray for friends who are in ministries caring for refugees and their families around the world. Provide the funds they need and the strength to continue. Out of the horror of War, cause many to come to understand who Jesus is. Tear down the cultural barriers that make it tough to discover who Jesus actually is—the only one who can deliver from the devastation of sin and death.

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