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Dave's Daily Devo - February 12, 2018

  • 2018 Feb 12


Exodus 2:11-15, Acts 7:23-29


Since I was a kid I’ve heard messages on the Life of Moses. There’s the story of Moses in the bulrushes—the story of how the Princess of Egypt saved the baby from the Nile and from the cruel decree of her father. Then there’s the story of how he was raised in Pharaoh’s palace, and how at forty he decided to go out and check out how his enslaved people were doing.    

Exodus 2:11-15 lays out the episode:

“Now when Moses had matured and become strong, he went out to his brothers and their burdens. And he saw an Egyptian man beating one of Moses’ Israelite brothers. Looking this way and that, and seeing no one, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. When he went out again the next day, look, two Hebrew men were fighting. Moses said to the man in the wrong, ‘Why are you striking your neighbor?’

The man replied, ‘Who set you up to be a ruler and judge over us? Will you slay me like you slew the Egyptian?’ Moses was afraid and thought, ‘Surely, yesterday’s episode is public knowledge.’ When Pharaoh heard, he tried to slay Moses, but Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh. He came to live in the land of Median and sat down by a well.”   

So you read this episode and need to come up with a Sunday school or bible study lesson. Here’s the point that is often made. At forty Moses was strong headed and depending upon himself, went out to redeem his people. He failed and ended up murdering a man. To teach him humility and patience the Lord sent him into the wilderness for forty years. Sounds like a good lesson, but is it true to the intent of the Story in God’s Word? 

Truth Encounter’s purpose is to equip you to learn how to accurately track the Story and in this case the stakes are high.

Your assignment is to track how the story is told in Exodus and then compare the Exodus account with Stephen’s summary of the events in Acts 7:23-29. Was Moses, Israel’s deliverer, a brash murderer who pre-maturely tried to instigate a rebellion against Pharaoh? Were his people right to reject him?

Tomorrow,  I’ll share in the Devo how I answer these questions but overnight you get to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Get your kids involved in the discussion.

LORD, help us to take the time to carefully track how you are telling your Story and in this case to learn how to compare conclusions we might come up with in one section of your Word with an explanation we get later.  Give our Truth Encounter family insight as they try and solve the case of Moses, A Murderer—Guilty Or Not Guilty?

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