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Believe the Good News - Dave's Daily Devo - February 28

  • 2019 Feb 28


Believe the Good News 

Mark 1:14-15

Mary and I got to hear Lee Strobel speak at the annual Dallas Seminary luncheon at the Westin Galleria. I’ve used his book A Case for Christ in Bible studies, and if you’ve seen the movie about his life released in 2017, you know the basic outline of his story. Atheistic, legal journalist for the ChicagoTribune.  Hard drinking, hard living unbeliever. Angry husband and father. Leslie, his agnostic wife, coming to faith, and then Lee’s intense two year investigation scrutinizing the evidence for the resurrection that led him to believe and follow Jesus—but it was powerful to sit and hear him, in person, humbly tell the story again about how Jesus had given him life. 

There’s power in the Gospel.This is Mark’s point as he reports that John the Baptist’s arrest didn’t stop the invasion of God’s Kingdom. It launched the ministry of his Son proclaiming the Good News. 

“Now after John the Baptist was handed over to the authorities, Jesus came into Galilee proclaiming God’s Good News, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; change your mind and heart about God and believe in the good news.’”  Mark 1:14-15

As the luncheon closed, the audience was reminded again that Jesus died for each of our sins. He rose again on the third day—a fact of history that Lee Strobel carefully investigated, and folks were invited to admit to God that they were sinners, and to believe that Jesus could forgive them and make them part of God’s family.  

If you haven’t made this decision, why not trust in Jesus now. He wants to bring God’s kingdom into your heart. Simply talk to God, admit your sins, and believe in the fact that Jesus can forgive you based on his death in your place. Or if you still have questions, pick up a copy of Strobel’s A Case for Christ and at least have the integrity to investigate the evidence. 

LORD, help me as I continue to teach at Dallas Seminary and at Southern Bible Institute & College to make sure that my students don’t ever lose their passion to share the Good News.

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