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Political Hype - Dave's Daily Devo - February 6

  • 2019 Feb 06


Political Hype 

Hosea 13:10-11

Obama’s “Yes We Can,” President Trump’s “Make America Great Again,” and remember, Kennedy’s “A Time for Greatness.” A politician has to brand himself, capture the imagination, inspire, and promise, but the fact that we need another slogan every four to eight years proves that all the devotion and passion that’s poured into these leaders quickly evaporates and becomes disappointment. This is true in our culture and it was true in the time of Hosea.  

As we have learned in our Devos, Hosea began his ministry in the prosperous days near the end of Jeroboam II’s long forty-one year reign (786-746 BC). 2 Kings 14:23-29 recognizes his success in restoring the borders of Israel, but stresses that he did “evil in the Lord’s sight” by continuing to support the idolatrous, immoral Baal worship initiated by his namesake, Jeroboam I (2 Kings 14:2). In the next ten years after his reign, Israel had five kings with three of them gaining the throne by assassination. Hosea exposes the intrigue going on in the palace and the bloody violence (Hosea 7:3-10, 8:4, 10:3). Now the Lord reminds them that just as King Saul’s career ended in defeat and death (1 Samuel 31), so the Lord will remove their last king, Hoshea, from the throne. 

“Where is your king that he might save you? In all of your towns where are your judges about whom you said, ‘Please give to me a king and princes?’ So in my anger I gave you a king and in my rage I took him away.”   Hosea 13:10-11

 Hoshea (not to be confused with the prophet Hosea), the last king of the Northern Kingdom, came to power by assassinating Pekah. The Assyrian king Shamaneser V deposed him in 724 and then two years later, Samaria was annihilated. The real power behind the end of Israel was the rightful ruler of God’s chosen people, the Lord.   

The nation of Israel today still doesn’t’ have their rightful king, but Hosea makes it clear that there will come a day when his old covenant people will seek him and David their king. In those days there will be peace in Jerusalem and on earth. Go back and check it out in Hosea 3:5.  

Until that day Hosea’s warning about man-made gods and kings protects me from getting overly excited about the slogans of the politicians. It’s easy. Before I look in awe at any human leader and give them my ultimate allegiance and trust, I check out their hands. If no nail prints, then I don’t get overly excited about their promises. 

LORD, thank you that so far the rivalry and intrigue in Washington hasn’t led to bloodshed. Bless those in government who revere you, who humbly speak the truth, and care about both justice and compassion. Most of all, thanks that your Son, the Son of David, is coming back and when he does, he will solve the Jerusalem question with grace and truth. Excite me today about Jesus and may his kingdom come soon.

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