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Dave's Daily Devo - January 10

  • 2017 Jan 10

Share the Good News

Luke 3:18


My evangelist dad concluded every message with an invitation for folks to trust in Jesus. He was crystal clear. “Jesus died for your sins. He rose again, and if you will only believe in Him now you can be born into God’s family.” This was the Gospel, and dad didn’t miss an opportunity. He taught me that the word “evangelical” was from a Greek word used in the New Testament that meant to “proclaim good news,” so if you labeled yourself “evangelical” that meant you shared the Gospel with others and invited them to receive Jesus.  That’s why the other night at a Christmas party with my African American colleagues at Southern Bible, I was surprised by a different definition of “evangelical.” A fellow professor was sharing about his research into the history of the Black Bible-centered church.

“Dave, we don’t refer to ourselves as ‘evangelical.’ In our circles this term is equated with a right-wing political group in the Republican Party.”

Then yesterday I got an email from a Christian magazine that tries to give an overview of the evangelical movement. Their pressing question? “Where have all the evangelism conferences gone teaching how to share your faith?”

Maybe it’s time to go back and take another look at how Luke summarized the ministry of John the Baptist, the prophet who introduced Jesus.

“Now with many other exhortations he proclaimed “good news” to the people.”  Luke 3:18

John prepared hearts for Jesus by boldly telling his people they needed to turn away from their sin to the Messiah. Then he deflected all the attention away from himself and introduced folks to Jesus. He was unashamed of the Gospel.   

A week ago on Sunday at Southern Bible I joined almost a thousand CRU (Campus Crusade) students from universities all over the Southwest. We worshiped, prayed, and then scattered in groups of ten all over the Dallas area to share the Four Spiritual Laws or the 21st Century booklet, “Knowing God Personally.”

LORD, thanks for a dad who was totally unashamed of the Gospel because He knew firsthand Jesus’ power to comfort, forgive, and save. Help me today to carry on this core value of what it should mean to be an evangelical.  Use me to help others to be ready to face the Ruler, the King, the Ultimate Judge of all.

Note: CRU has a great app called God Tools that you can use with an excellent survey that will lead right into sharing your faith.

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