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Weeping Over False Gods - Dave's Daily Devo - January 11

  • 2019 Jan 11


Weeping Over False Gods

Hosea 10:5-8

When I was a kid, my parents scared my brother, Ron, and I to death by venturing behind the Iron Curtain in 1961 with Earl Poysti, a native Russian whose radio program continued to reach millions in the Soviet Union. My mom would hide Bibles in her suitcase behind her high heels, makeup, and other feminine stuff. Searching her bag, the guards on the train from Helsinki to Moscow, would get disgusted before they reached the Bibles. Dad and mom distributed the precious Book to fellow believers and wrote back to us about joining the line of thousands of Russians in Red Square going by the glass-encased coffin of Lenin.         

The communists had declared, “There is no God!” but the preserved body of Lenin was definitely an object of worship. Acetic acid, ethyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide continue to restore the tissue and color the dark spots on Lenin’s corpse, but today Russians no longer wait for hours in the cold to catch a glimpse of the wax-like figure. In fact, last year Ksenia Sobchak said if she became president she would remove Lenin from display, and 58 % of Russians agreed with her; so much for man-made gods and idols. They always end up being carried away, just like the calf idol of Samaria worshiped in the Northern Kingdom in the 8thcentury BC. Hosea prophesied that the Assyrians would carry it away to Nineveh as tribute. 

“The residents of Samaria are terrified for the Calf Idol of Beth-Aven.  Indeed, its people will weep over it. Its priests, those who had danced with joy over its splendor, will weep because it’s taken into exile. It will be carried to Assyria as tribute to the great king.  
The shameful idol of Ephraim will be taken. Israel will be ashamed of its wooden idol. Like a twig on the surface of the water, Samaria and her king will be carried away. The high places of sinful evil will be destroyed. Thorns and thistles will spring up upon their altars, and they will say to the hills, ‘Cover us!’ and to the mountains, ‘Fall on us!’” Hosea 10:5-8

Don’t’ ever bow before anything or anyone you need to defend. The true God, our Lord and Savior Jesus, will never be carried away and he doesn’t need us to defend him. Churches will be torn down and blown up. Jesus’ followers will be imprisoned and executed, but I never need to be afraid, thinking that Jesus Christ will be carried away into oblivion. Aslan, the mighty Lion of the Tribe of Judah in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia tales can defend himself. He’s the great I Am. He conquers all. 

LORD, keep me bowing before Jesus, and never before gold or silver or anything or anyone else that can easily be carried away. Keep my faith strong and thanks to that when others are crying for the mountains to fall on them in dismay, I will still be safe, covered with his love.

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