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Jesus the Singer - Dave's Daily Devo - July 11

  • 2019 Jul 11


Jesus The Singer

Mark 14:24-25

When Mary and I have groups of Southern Bible students over for Texas barbecue, we often sing together before we bless the food and start eating. At church this past Sunday at St. John’s Missionary Baptist, Pastor Sean Taylor just broke into song after his benediction. We left the building singing praise. With iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora it’s easier than ever to listen to music, but if we want to get serious about following Jesus, we need to do more than just use our ears. We need to join together and use our mouths. We must actively sing because our Savior is a singer.  

According to Mark’s narrative, right after Jesus instituted the sacred communion with the bread and the wine, notice what Jesus and his disciples did to conclude their dinner. 

“Count on it! I tell you that I won’t drink from the fruit of the vine until I am drinking anew in the kingdom of God. And when they had sung a hymn, they departed for the Mount of Olives.” Mark 14:24-25

Millennials love their music and this means that music should be one of our most effective ways to reach the younger generation. This makes it difficult to understand why hardly any of our biblical seminaries have worship and music departments. We work hard to train the heads of young preachers, but maybe we need to work just as hard to deepen their love for song and music. After all, when we get to heaven there will no longer be preaching, but there will be an eternity of singing and praise. 

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