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Dave's Daily Devo - July 13

  • 2016 Jul 13

Getting to See Your Grandkids

Psalm 128


“And may you see the children of your children! Peace be upon Israel!” - Psalm 128:6

“Dr. Waltke, I wasn’t able to get my assignment done for class. My wife gave birth to Joel, our second son, last night, but I wanted to come and at least listen in on the discussion.” It was September 10, 1975 and we were only a couple of weeks into my doctoral studies in Old Testament. “Sure Dave, congratulations. Glad you still came to class, and I understand why you were not able to prepare for class.” He prayed and then immediately forgot what I had said about not doing my assignment and made me give my translation and interpretation of the Hebrew text like everyone else. Prepared or not that year changed our family’s life.

Every Friday for three hours our doctoral class met and went through every Hebrew word in Proverbs. Dr. Waltke was taking what we were learning and using it in his Sunday school class at First Baptist of Dallas. I was taking what I was learning from him and our discussion to teach our two-year-old church in Midlothian. You can’t  study Proverbs five minutes in either Hebrew or English without being confronted with the challenge that  “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Psalm 128, a wisdom psalm, begins with this same foundational truth, “Blessed are all those who fear the LORD, those who walk in His ways.” (Psalm 128:1).

During that semester Mary and I told the LORD that we would reverence and respect Him. This meant we needed to raise our two-year-old son and his baby brother on the wise instructions from Proverbs. Joel, the baby that was born my first year in doctoral studies, now has three kids and last Sunday Mary and I got to see and hug Blythe, Fiona, and Noah.

LORD, this past week at the Premier Design Rally Mary and I talked to several Jewelers in their twenties with young families. Help them to fear disobeying You not because they feel You are mean and vindictive, but because they realize that Your guidance leads to life—a life that often includes seeing your children’s children.

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