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Wide Awake - Dave's Daily Devo - July 2

  • 2019 Jul 02


Wide Awake 

Mark 13:33-37

I worked as a carpenter’s helper for Holleman Construction my first couple of years at Seminary. I learned quickly that no one even looked up when I arrived on the job. It was a different story when the architect showed up. With his blueprints in hand he suddenly would be at our job site checking the concrete, the steel beams, the size of window and door openings—every detail of his design. If we weren’t up to specs, it had to be torn out and done over. 

Now there was an old plumber on the job with two helpers. He sat under a tree in the shade and from time to time he would struggle to get vertical and go to check that the line his men were installing out to the sewer was at the right angle. I just waited for the architect to show up unexpectedly, check out his plumbing and find it lacking. He was asleep almost all the time on our job and I thought he should have to pay.  

It’s a lot more serious to be asleep on God’s job site. Jesus warns us that we better be wide awake and doing our job according to his specs when he suddenly shows up. 

“Watch out! Be alert, for you don’t know when the Son of Man might return! It’s like a man who went away on a trip and left his house under the care of his servants. He gave each one authority to accomplish his work and he commanded the door keeper to be constantly alert.  Therefore, be alert because you don’t know when the owner of the house will return—whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. When he suddenly shows up, don’t let him find you sleeping. I’m telling all of you, ‘Be wide awake!’” Mark 13:33-37

As we’ve examined Jesus teaching about the end of this age, he doesn’t tell us to argue about the signs of the times, make predictions about the date of his return, or to throw up our hands in futility as wars, famines, and natural disasters keep dominating our evening news. He does tell us to be wide awake, prepared for his return. And the one task that is crystal clear in his instructions is that we are to proclaim the Gospel to every ethnic group on earth (v. 20). 

LORD, you have brought all kinds of people to our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. It’s awesome to see churches throughout our country that are opening their doors to all different language groups and ethnicities. Help us to resist the racism that causes us to be afraid of the other, and help us to open the doors not just of our churches but our homes

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