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The Plot Thickens - Dave's Daily Devo - July 3

  • 2019 Jul 03


The Plot Thickens

Mark 14:1-2

Religious leaders are supposed to be the “good guys” in the story, but when it comes to the events of Jesus’ last Passover in Jerusalem, it’s the priests who control the worship in the temple and the legal scholars who guard their interpretations of the Law and tradition that are the liars who become the murderers. And as Mark moves the Story towards its climax we have to decide whose side we will take.  

Remember that time and place are important factors in a narrative. So as Mark begins to accelerate his account of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem, he reminds us that it’s the Passover and the crowds, at least for the moment, are still on Jesus’ side. 

“Now the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread were only two days away and the chief priests and the religious legal scholars were trying to find some cunning way to seize Jesus and kill him. ‘But not during the Feast,’ they said, ‘lest the people riot.’”    Mark 14:1-2

Religious leaders, scheming to take out a young charismatic leader who is threatening their authority, fear the crowds yet seek ways to manipulate them and use them. None of this is new to our day. I need to be warned not to follow these establishment leaders. 

Secret meetings. Faking external respect while trying to take an innocent victim out. The unpredictability of the masses. All is in play during the Passover week and God will use it all so that his beloved Son will die for the sins of the world, but He’s warning us that we must not join in the lying and the murder. 

LORD, make me transparent and true in all my relationships as I follow your Son’s example. Help me remember that when religious and political leaders think that their cunning and intrigue are turning the wheels of history that you are the one who is actually stirring the ship. 

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