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Dave's Daily Devo - June 1

  • 2016 Jun 01

Melting Away

Psalm 119:25-32

Before I left Nairobi, Mary told me about another dear friend in Texas who had to put their beloved parent on hospice. Another of our friends lost her dad while I was away. Life expectancy in Kenya is only 62 years, and I already told you about the death we witnessed as we traveled to Kakamega from Nairobi.

While I’ve been gone, Mary went to the memorial service. At night in Webuye when I became restless, I found myself praying a lot for the family. Now, all the funeral ceremonies are completed, and she has entered into that first year of grief—a year that can get tough.

The psalmist knew by experience the sleepless and restless nights of grief. That’s why in the Daleth Section of  Psalm 119:25-32 (Daleth is the Hebrew equivalent of our letter “D”) he wrote at the midpoint of this section,

“My life force melts away from grief. Raise me up, strengthen me, according to Your Word.” - Psalm 119:28

LORD, this section begins with the hard fact that Ecclesiastes stresses that all of our souls cling to the dust. Our physical bodies end up as just a small amount of dirt (Psalm 119:25). But David ends this section stressing that we can run in obedience to Your commands and You will not allow our heart to melt away. You will enlarge it. Thank you that the resurrection of Jesus proves You will make good on this promise, and the life expectancy of heaven will be eternal.

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