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Dave's Daily Devo - June 17

  • 2016 Jun 17

The Hiding Place

Psalm 119:113-120

As a kid on Word of Life Island, I used to build hiding places with my friends. We would find a good crack in an Adirondack boulder, go and cut strong samplings with our hatchets, and use them as rafters to begin a roof on top of the crack. We covered the pole rafters with smaller branches, and then we would strip ferns rooted in shallow dirt from another rock some distance from our secret place. We carefully placed the blanket of ferns so that it covered the roof and the side of our man-made cave. Then when the program director organized a game, such as the old fashion Sadie Hawkins chase where the girls had to tag a boy and you had to go to the special event with them, my friends and I would take our flashlights, run to our hiding place, and read in safety for a couple of hours till the game was over.

King David, who wrote most of the psalms, was threatened with far greater danger than some girls chasing him in a game. King Saul and his army chased him all over the Judean desert trying to put a spear through his chest, and David’s life depended upon a good hiding place. The writer of Psalm 119 knew the ultimate place to hide for protection.

“You are my hiding place and my shield. I hope in your Word.” - Psalm 119:114

LORD, I need You to hide  and shield us from physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers. Listening to Jean Hawkins, one of the Word of Life missionaries, share last night at supper about the loss of John, her precious husband, after a third heart surgery powerfully proved what a precious hiding place You are for her in her grief. Our only hope is in Your Promise.

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