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Dave's Daily Devo - June 23, 2017

  • 2017 Jun 23

The Best Seat In The House

Luke 14:7-11


In Kenya your position at the table was important. Each afternoon after our Truth Encounter Biblical Leadership Conference we provided open range chicken and beef, rice, and ugale for all those attended. Because I was the guest speaker, one of the pastors would grab my computer bag and usher me into an inner room. They would then motion me to take the seat of honor to the right of the host, and then the rest of the bishops would file in and take their places around the table. In the first century they also had a pecking order when it came to sitting down for a feast, and Jesus didn’t counsel His followers to seize the day and assert themselves.

“After He had observed how those who were invited to the Sabbath meal in the home of the leader of the Pharisees, Jesus told those who had been invited this parable. ‘Whenever you’re invited to a wedding feast, don’t recline at the seat of honor. For suppose that the host has invited someone more important. When they show up, your host who invited you will say, ‘Give this place to him.’ Then you will begin to experience shame as you have to go and take the least important seat at the banquet. Instead, whenever you’re invited, go and take the least important place. Then when the one who invited you comes they will say, ’Friend, come on up and take a better seat.’ Then you will be honored before all those who have reclined with you for all who exalt themselves will be humbled and all those who humble themselves will be exalted.”  Luke 14:7-11

When I was in Kenya, I remembered Jesus’ story when I went outside for a brief break and those preparing our meal waved. Instead of just going back into the meeting, I went down to touch base with the chef and his helpers. He insisted on taking off his heavy black grilling bib and putting on his whites before I took their picture.

LORD, through the years You’ve given me better times hanging out with those who do the preparing and the serving than sitting in the seat of honor at the banquet table. Help me not to forget that when You set up the seating chart for the meals in Your Kingdom, it’s not those who built a career asserting themselves and getting recognized. It’s the humble servants who get the best seats in Your house.

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