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Dave's Daily Devo - March 23

  • 2016 Mar 23

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Matthew 26:14-25

The contrast couldn’t be stronger. The woman spilled out a fortune on Jesus head because she loved Him. Judas, the treasurer for the disciples, plotted to hand over his Master for only thirty silver coins—a paltry sum when compared to the woman’s treasure. The woman’s actions exposed a heart filled with love. Judas plays the role of a “Benedict Arnold,” filled with selfish greed.  We decide today which role we will choose to play.

When a complete stranger hauls off and punches me, it hurts, but when someone I trusted as a close friend speaks against me in soft whispers, it devastates. When I discover I’ve been betrayed, it’s always after the fact and I’m surprised. Judas thought that his meeting with the Jerusalem priests was a secret, but at the Last Supper Jesus made it clear He knew everything that was going on.

“Indeed, I tell you. One of you will betray me…And Judas, the one who was betraying Him, said to Him, ’Rabbi, certainly it’s not I?’ Jesus said to him, ‘You said so!’” - Matthew 26:21, 25

The woman who anointed Jesus before His betrayal and crucifixion is honored down through the ages for her beautiful, unselfish, devoted act of love. We won’t even name our dogs or even our hamsters Judas.

LORD, you hate traitors. By Your Spirit cause me today to be faithfully devoted to those around me who love You. Even when talking with others and I’m sure my friend will never hear what is said, help me to never betray with my words. Help me to remember that there are no secret meetings. You are always present.

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