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Dave's Daily Devo - March 27, 2017

  • 2017 Mar 27

Wake Up

Luke 8:49-56


I was at Laurel Land in Oak cliff to do a funeral. Arriving a half hour early, I went inside to go over things with the Funeral Director. It was hot so I left my suit coat in my truck. When it came time for the service, I went back to retrieve it. There it was hanging right on the other side of the glass, but the door was locked. Worse, my Bible was lying on the front seat with the keys I needed dangling in the ignition. Time was running out. The funeral was about to start.

I looked around. A firefighter’s service had taken place earlier, and a fire truck was still parked in the lot. I ran to the truck and asked the driver, “Sir, I’m a pastor, and I’m supposed to conduct a funeral in about ten minutes. My Bible and my suit coat are locked in my truck. I need an expert with the right tool and the know how to use it. Could you help me out?” He smiled, grabbed a slim jim from his truck, and opened my door. 

When I stood at the front of the chapel and invited everyone to stand as the family entered, no one knew about my ordeal. At the close of my message, however, I told them the whole story and drew this application.

“Faced with a locked truck door I needed an expert to help. The firefighter had the right tool to quickly open my door. When it comes to the locked door of death, there’s only one expert who has the power to open that door. I had to humble myself, tell the fire fighter my need, and trust him to help. When it comes to death, we all need to humble ourselves and ask for help from the only person I know who can call death only sleep.”

In Luke 8:49-56 Luke picks up the story of Jairus’ daughter and things get a lot worse before they get better.

“While Jesus was talking, someone came from the synagogue ruler’s house, ‘Your daughter has died. No need to continue to trouble the Teacher.” When Jesus heard this, He said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid! Only believe, and she shall be saved.’ When they came into the house, He didn’t permit anyone to enter with Him except Peter, John, and James, and the dad and mom of the child. Now a lot of people were in the room weeping and crying for her. But Jesus said, ‘Stop crying! She’s not dead, only sleeping.’ They ridiculed Him knowing that she had certainly died. Then Jesus took her hand and said to her, ‘Child, arise!’ And her spirit returned and right that moment she sat up. Jesus told them to get her something to eat. Her parents were amazed, but He commanded them to tell no one what had happened.” Luke 8:49-56

Unlike many faith healers today, Jesus didn’t do His wonders before a crowd. He even commanded those who did get to see Him raise the dead to stay quiet about it. Why? Because in His first coming His purpose was not to use His omnipotence to force everyone to bow before Him. Instead, there was plenty of evidence for those with soft hearts (the good ground). Those who ridiculed Him and hardened themselves were not forced to their knees by demonstrations of divine power.

LORD, again and again as I do funeral services I get to see first-hand the comforting power that comes to those who believe in Your Son’s resurrection power. Thanks that the text does give us a firm foundation to believe in Jesus and I can hardly wait to be able to talk to Jairus and his daughter in person about this wake up story.

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