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Dave's Daily Devo - March 28

  • 2016 Mar 28

Lest We Forget

Matthew 26:36-46

Good Friday and Easter need to be more than dates on our Spring calendar. When I was pastoring a local church, the Easter weekend was our highest attendance for the year, and it was easy after this climax to allow the beginning of the baseball season and the approaching end of school to cause the meaning of the cross and the resurrection to get lost in the onward rush of personal schedules. To help us keep the cross and the resurrection front and center we are going to continue to track in our Daily Devos Matthew’s passion and resurrection narrative right through to His conclusion with the Great Commission.

So now after Easter we will keep tracking with him. Good Friday we focused on Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial under pressure. In tomorrow’s Devo we will look at how Matthew presented Jesus’ Gethsemane prayer

Today I want to encourage you to prayerfully read Matthew 26:36-46. Here are some questions to help you track Matthew’s emphases in the story.  Why do you think Jesus separated Peter, James, and John from the rest of the disciples as the intensity of what He was about to experience increased (vv. 36-38)? What role do alert watchfulness and prayer play in protecting us as we face imminent times of testing and temptation (vv. 38, 40, 41)? Do you think Jesus actually asked His Father to let Him take a pass on the crucifixion? Why or why not (vv. 39-44)? How does Jesus’ example teach us to be honest in prayer about our feelings and also working through these emotions so that we can submit to God’s will and be strong when we actually face trials?  What does Jesus mean when He states that the hour has come when He will be given into the hands of sinners (v. 45)?  How do we balance the fact that it was God’s will to redeem through the cross, but that those who tried, convicted, and executed Him are guilty for what they did?

Let’s compare our thoughts tomorrow… 

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