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The Evening—Still Going Strong - Dave's Daily Devo - March 6

  • 2019 Mar 06


The Evening—Still Going Strong

Mark 1:32-34

I didn’t get home Saturday night from the Southwest Evangelical Society meeting in Houston until after 8:00. It was a long drive, and I was tired. I had just settled into my soft recliner when the phone rang, “Dave, I’ve got some important questions. Do you have a few minutes?” For a second I almost said, “I’m too tired,” but if I’m going to follow the Lord Jesus and serve others, how did he respond after a full day of ministry in the synagogue when the entire town showed up at the front door of Peter and Andrew’s home in Capernaum with many who were sick and others under the power of demons?

“Now it was early evening when the sun sets when they began carrying all those who were feeling badly and those possessed by demons to Jesus. The entire town was gathering in front of the door and he healed many who were sick having all kinds of diseases, and many demons Jesus cast out. He didn’t allow the demons to speak because they knew him.”  Mark 1:32-34

Mark lets us see a day in the life of our Savior and it’s clear that he is the one to go to when you’re sick and when demons have you by the throat. Mark stressed that Jesus had authority in his teaching (Mark 1:22) and he has authority over illness and over demons. Satan couldn’t defeat Jesus during the forty days of temptation in the wilderness, but now that Jesus has started his Galilean ministry, the confrontation between Jesus and the forces of darkness doesn’t let up. And Jesus continues to accept no publicity from the enemy. 

The Saturday night call went to about ten o’clock. I was able to listen, help my friend to think things through biblically, and pray together. I was tired, but so glad that I didn’t reject the evening call. 

LORD, help me never to think of ministry as only a profession that has set hours and times. Thanks that Jesus put in hard days because he genuinely cared for others. Help my friend to follow you in the midst of the tough situation we talked about Saturday night.

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