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Dave's Daily Devo - May 11

  • 2016 May 11

The Good Character In The Story?

Psalm 112

Our judgment about who is in the right and who is in the wrong is often powerfully determined by our personal point of view, but what about God’s?

Israel’s hymnbook begins in Psalm 1 with a contrast between the righteous and the wicked. As we move toward the completion of the Psalms in Psalm 112, we have another acrostic poem (like Psalm 111) giving the A-Z of who the “good guy” is from God’s point of view. Also, like Psalm 1, it ends focusing on how things turn out for the wicked. I pick out nine characteristic of God’s “good” character in this psalm. I’ll give you my first four and then, see if you can work through the rest of the verses and complete your list.

My first four are:

He reverences the Lord  v. 1 
He delights in God’s commands v. 1 
He is gracious v. 4 and
He is compassionate v. 4  (See what you come up with)

This psalm also presents the results of allowing God to generate this kind of character in our lives. For instance, Psalm 1 begins with the fact that the LORD will bless this person and then spells out how this blessing is expressed concretely in life. See how many results a person who obeys God’s commands can expect based on Psalm 112.

LORD, because You have given me a new heart by the power of Your Son, there’s  a part of me that doesn’t try to wiggle out of your instructions anymore, but realizes that Your Law actually shines light on the path I need to take to find steadiness, happiness, and a life worth remembering. Help me to obey Your instructions today.

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