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Dave's Daily Devo - May 19

  • 2016 May 19

Lifeless Gods

Psalm 115:4-8

In Kenya I was able to visit Lake Victoria in West Kenya, one of the sources of the Nile. If you go north, of course, this river fed one of the earliest cultures on earth, the Egyptians, a people who worshipped gods made out of wood, plated over with metal. They dressed these gods in fancy clothes, pretended to feed them, and carried them up and down the Nile from temple to temple. In fact these statues were lifeless. Dead! They couldn’t speak, hear, smell, feel, walk, or speak.

For over four hundred years the Israelites, God’s people, were slaves in Egypt. Many Egyptians thought they were crazy to believe in a god you couldn’t see, but what many of them failed to realize was that Israel’s God was alive. Psalm 115 assures us that the LORD might be invisible, but He definitely can speak, see, hear, smell, feel, and walk. (Psalm 115:4-8).

The Psalmist makes an important point. We become like the “gods” we worship. If we want to end up as lifeless as an ancient Egyptian idol, we will live for things made with human hands. If we want to be alive forever—able to speak, to hear, to walk, and to have close personal relationships forever—we need to reverence and trust in the LORD. And this LORD didn’t remain invisible. He became flesh and lived among us, and His name is Jesus.

LORD, many of my Kenyan brothers and sisters don’t have cars, fancy houses, and the ability to take vacations, but many are rich in praising You as the living LORD who does what He desires. Tear down the idol worship in my life. Thanks that because of Jesus, I will never become lifeless like a deaf and dumb idol.

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