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Countdown to His Birthday - Dave's Daily Devo - November 13

  • 2018 Nov 13


Countdown to His Birthday        

Luke 1-2

I was in the garden and plant section of WalMart last week but there were few plants and no gardening stuff. It was filled with Christmas trees, ornaments and lights, and I could hear Carols. If the retail stores are already into the Christmas spirit, Mary and I thought that Truth Encounter needed to jump in to start us thinking about the incredible gift that God gave us. Nativity calendars usually start December 1stand help us countdown the days ‘til Christmas. Today, November 13, we're going to take a break from our Devos on Hosea and start exploring the second inspired presentation of Jesus’ Bethlehem birth.

It’s recorded in Luke, the third canonical Gospel. Dr. Luke begins his birth narrative with details about John the Baptist’s birth. He was the Messiah’s forerunner, and by positioning his birth before Jesus’ we see John announcing the Messiah even in the womb of his mother.  Let Luke tell us the true Christmas Story. 

That’s jumping ahead, but I hope it helps you to realize why I decided to start our countdown to Christmas a month early. I’m not trying to get you in the mood for shopping like all the big box stores, but I want us to be able to take more time with Luke’s careful revelation of the meaning of Christmas. More than ever I need to allow the Spirit to give me fresh insights into the birth of the most influential person ever born on earth—my Savior, the God-Man Jesus.  

Dr. Luke took great pains to carefully interview eyewitnesses. He meticulously ordered and wrote down the results of his historical research. I can hardly wait to share with you some of what the Spirit of God talks to me about as I spend time in Luke’s birth narrative. Share with your friends about this opportunity to deepen their understanding of Christmas so that they can join us on this “Countdown to His Birthday.” 

LORD, as we pick up your Story of Redemption with the birth of your Son help us to see how you foreshadowed the climax at Calvary, even in the birth at Bethlehem. I'm so thankful that Luke was diligent in his research and careful in his writing. Change my life through my exposure to Luke's account of the nativity and use your Word to change the lives of our Truth Encounter family.  

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