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The Careful Doctor - Dave's Daily Devo - November 14

  • 2018 Nov 14


The Careful Doctor   

Luke 1:1-4

Whether it’s the 21stor the 1stcentury, let folks find out that you’re a medical doctor and people will be asking you questions. Usually, they’re about health issues, but Dr. Luke, Paul’s personal physician and companion, wants to answer questions vital to our spiritual health. 

He wrote the only first century two-volume work that begins with the birth of John the Baptist, the Messiah’s herald, and closes with the Apostle Paul under house arrest in Rome still proclaiming the truth about Jesus.  

Luke begins his first volume, The Gospel of Luke, by spelling out why Theophilus, who might have paid the bill to get this work down on paper, can trust what he has been taught about Jesus. This prologue is carefully written in the form of a serious first-century historical work. Its very form stresses Luke is concerned about facts. 

“Since many have taken it in hand to compose an account of the events that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by eyewitnesses who saw these events from the beginning and became servants of the Word, I too thought I should write a careful, orderly account. I’ve carefully investigated everything from the beginning. My purpose, most excellent Theophilus, is for you to know with certainty that the things you have been taught are true.” Luke 1:1-4

Notice Luke’s strong stress on actual events, eyewitnesses who devoted their lives to truth of what they saw, careful investigations, and getting the story right. His entire purpose is to give Theophilus, a first-century believer, confidence that he has the truth about Jesus. 

When it comes to the facts about Jesus and what they mean, Dr. Luke cares deeply. I’m thankful because my eternal salvation depends upon whether or not he told the truth about the most important events in history. For Luke, the story begins in the days of the murderous, paranoid King Herod and the gift of a child to an aged priest named Zachariah. In tomorrow’s Devo that’s where we begin. 

Mary and I are devoting our lives to helping you to accurately track His Story from Genesis to Revelation. Some of your friends who don’t believe need to be encouraged to at least be honest enough to expose themselves to what this first-century physician had to say about the birth of Jesus. Personally invite them to join us. 

LORD, thanks for a wife who doesn’t believe that you “shouldn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.” Dr. Luke clearly agrees with her passion to get it right. Help me to take as much care in understanding what Dr. Luke wrote as he did in composing this precious Gospel for us.

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