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Dave's Daily Devo - November 15

  • 2016 Nov 15

Pregnant Joy

Luke 1:21-25


Last year when Mary and I were with our Alabama kids in Tuscaloosa, the Tide was in Starkville to take on the Bulldogs. 2:30 pm was the hour of reckoning and we were all gathered at my son-in-law, Harvey's dad and mom's house with the big screen. In 2014 Mary and I were in Alabama for Wiley, Harvey’s younger brother's marriage to Emily.

Now they were a year into their marriage. He was teaching and coaching high school basketball and Emily was an accountant. They drove in the driveway a little before game time. I was across the yard so Mary saw Emily first. Her glow and Wiley's beaming pride gave their news away, Emily was fourteen weeks. Talk about joy and congratulations! Wiley and Emily were thrilled, but not quite as thrilled as Zechariah when Elizabeth told him her news.

He couldn't speak to her because he didn't believe Gabriel, but the old man could still express love to his wife, and God kept his promise. John the Baptist would arrive in nine months.

"Now the people were outside wondering what was happening when Zechariah was delayed in the Temple. When he finally came out, he was not able to speak to them. He made hand signals but remained mute. When he completed his days of ministry, he returned home. After these days, Elizabeth, his wife, conceived, but she kept it a secret for five months saying, 'Surely the Lord has done this for me. He saw me and removed my disgrace.’" Luke 1:21-24

LORD, thank you for giving Wiley and Emily a healthy little boy, and thank you that You’re a God who not only gives new babies to young couples, but in Your redemptive story, You love to create new life in couples like Abraham and Sarah and Zechariah and Elizabeth. 

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