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The Surprised Virgin - Dave's Daily Devo - November 23

  • 2018 Nov 23


The Surprised Virgin       

Luke 1:26-29

Talk about interesting angelic missions! His first was to announce to an old man that God had heard his prayer. He and his wife would finally have a son. What a miracle—a sterile couple, craving a child for years, got to watch Elizabeth’s stomach start to swell. For five months Elizabeth kept it a secret between God, her husband, and herself, quietly praising God for his miracle. Then there was no hiding the evidence. Her pregnancy was clear for all to see. 

A month later, in the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the Lord called Gabriel again. This time his mission was even stranger. He made the trip to Nazareth, a small Roman garrison village in Galilee, appeared to a young teenage girl betrothed to a man named Joseph, and, twice Luke stresses to make sure that we don’t miss the miracle, she’s a virgin.

“Now in the sixth month Gabriel, the angel, came from God’s presence to a town in Galilee, named Nazareth. He came to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph out of the House of David. The virgin’s name was Mary, and Gabriel came to her and said, ‘Rejoice, (This was a standard Greek greeting “chaire” which was actually a command to celebrate gladly) You’re favored! The Lord is with you.’ Mary was confused. What kind of a greeting was this? The angel said to her…”  Luke 1:26-29

LORD, thanks that Luke already makes it clear that the child who will be conceived in Mary has the right legal credentials. He’s the Messiah. He’s of the House of David based on his stepfather’s lineage. And thanks that this precious Galilean girl was still a virgin and that four of my granddaughters who are in those challenging teen years can look to Mary as a strong example of womanhood and sexual purity.    

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