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No Return - Dave's Daily Devo - October 19

  • 2018 Oct 19


No Return

Hosea 5:3-4  

The Taos ski resort in New Mexico boasts the highest triple chair on the North American Continent. Its Kachina lift takes you to 12, 481 feet and then you plunge down a double-black. That means once you make the leap off the edge, you’re going down. On this steep vertical drop there’s no return to go, and the Lord warns the priests, the rulers, and the people, there is no returning to him once they start down into idolatry, drunkenness, and sexual license. They might think they’re free, but they’re actually plunging toward the point of no return. 

“I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hidden from me. 

Ephraim, you’ve promoted fornication!

Israel is unclean, defiled! 

Their deeds don’t allow them to return to their God because a promiscuous spirit is in their core. They don’t intimately know the LORD.” Hosea 5:3-4

Hosea described earlier how the people went to old, historical worship centers—places like Gilgal, a little northwest of Jericho, and Bethel, just a few miles north of Jerusalem. He described how both men and women celebrated Baal worship at these places with alcohol and sexual fertility rites. They all thought that their old God of Mt. Sinai was blind to their actions, but in fact, he saw everything. The only antidote against this intoxicating spirit of the times is to live daily close to God. 

LORD, help those I know who are drinking too much, sleeping with those they shouldn’t, and assuring themselves that they’re free—expressing the power of their true identity—to realize before it’s too late that they’re actually living out of control. Like a novice at Taos on a double black, a collision with a tree could kill them.  Help me to intimately know you today, realizing that you are life and not some scintillating sexual or drunken high.

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