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Dave's Daily Devo - October 5

  • 2016 Oct 05

The Student’s Responsibility

Proverbs 2:3-4


When I was in college and grad school, the responsibility for learning was squarely on my shoulders. In calculus my professor could cover himself with chalk, lecture us on limits for an hour, and then ask , “Any questions?” We didn’t have a clue, not even enough to ask for directions, but when exam time came, whether or not we went on to grad school meant something. So we reached hard into the calculus textbook and figured it out. Today, most of the emphasis is on the teacher. Make it interesting! Make it apply to life! Be creative! I teach on both the undergraduate and graduate level, and I need this push to make me a better teacher with each new class, but the student can’t forget they have to want it.

The wise father in Proverbs tells his son what he needs to want more than a million dollars.

“For if you will call out for the ability to decide between wisdom and foolishness,  if you lift up your voice and ask for the skill to understand, if you search for it like silver,  if you track it down like searching for a priceless treasure,“ - Proverbs 2:3-4

Tomorrow the father will reveal what the treasure is, but today this wise professor reminds me that as a student, I must want it badly deep inside.

LORD, looking back, some of my best professors at first seemed rather dull and uninteresting, but when I wanted what they could give, they delivered.

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