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Dave's Daily Devo - September 1

  • 2016 Sep 01

Power and Ice

Psalm 147


My granddaughters have to wait  before they get to watch another Frozen, but Disney Productions promises that a sequel is on the way. We can almost bet that Elsa, the Queen of Ice, will still be able to hurl her icicles. As the temperature here in Texas still tops out over 90 degrees, I can’t wait for to the true Lord of Snow and Ice to turn down the temperature.

“He hurls down his ice like dried bread crumbs.
Before His icy blast who can stand?
He sends His word and the ice melts, and the waters flow.”
 - Psalm 147:17-18

This past weekend in Austin, Mary and I got to spend time with four of our seven granddaughters. I can never express how much it means that each of them is being taught about the LORD and His control over wind and ice and the warmth that causes the rivers even in Schroon Lake, New York, to flow again in the spring. And I hope in Frozen Two Disney will continue to teach that love at first sight can be deadly and that true love is not in some prince’s kiss but in sacrificing yourself for the life of another.

LORD, thanks for the break from the heat You gave me in Brazil for the past two weeks. Give me strength as I begin my first day of teaching at Southern Bible. Thanks that it’s already September in Texas and the worst of the heat is behind us. May each of my grandkids to be captivated by Your wonders, including the ice and snow, and to thank Your Son who died not for just one but for us all.

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