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Job Security - Dave's Daily Devo - September 23

  • 2019 Sep 23


Job Security 

Daniel 6:1-3

Barbara was only being paid part-time as the pastor of women’s ministry in her church. But she was so passionate about the visitation, the coffee times with young moms, and the opportunities to represent her church in the local ministerial alliance that instead of working twenty hours a week, she worked forty. So when her senior pastor called her into his office in late October, she thought maybe he might increase her compensation in time for the holidays. 

“Barbara, I can’t tell you enough how much it encourages me to see how our church family is responding to your ministry. No one has served this local body like you. And that’s not even recognizing how you have represented our church throughout our county-- serving on the Meals on Wheels Board, United Way, and even the Ministerial Alliance. But we need to make a change. Our congregation is aging and if we’re going to reach millennials, we must have younger folks on our staff. Of course we’ll pay you through the Christmas Holidays, but not into the New Year.”

It can be tough in our culture to have gray hair, and it stings when we lose a position that we love. Talk about insecurity and fear! 

Daniel had some strong human reasons to fear. He didn’t lose a position in a local church, but he did lose his position in the Royal Court as Nebuchadnezzar’s chief advisor. He was so out of the limelight that twenty years later when King Belshazzar called in his wise men, Daniel was not with them. By 539 BC he was about eighty but God still had plans for Daniel’s earthly life. 

“Darius the Mede received the kingdom at the age of sixty-two. It pleased Darius to appoint 120 provincial governors to rule throughout the kingdom. Over these officials he appointed three administrators, and Daniel was one of them. The provincial governors were accountable to the three and the structure was to insure that no harm came to the king. Daniel distinguished himself among the three administrators and the provincial governors. It was evident that an extraordinary spirit was in him. The king saw Daniel’s skill and intended to set him over the whole kingdom.” Daniel 6:1-3

It’s a special gift when the Spirit of God is using someone in just the right position for just the right purpose. King Darius modeled good leadership. He recognized Daniel’s giftedness and intended to give him even greater responsibility. 

LORD, thanks that Daniel was a good example for me to follow when I was a teenager in Florida. Thanks that you made it clear at the beginning that he would continue until the first year of Cyrus, and here he is in his 80s still responding to your Spirit, getting things done with wisdom and grace.  Help us all be ready to find our next assignment.

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