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Dave's Daily Devo - September 23

  • 2016 Sep 23

A Bird Brain

Proverbs 1:15-19


I’m sure you’ve heard the expression—“He’s a real birdbrain!” We use it to refer to someone who does really dumb things, yet when we actually compare a bird’s brain to its body size, we discover it has quite a large brain. And when it comes to processing visual images, don’t try to compete with the eagle eye. For example, if we had eagle eyes, we could sit in the nosebleed section of AT&T Stadium with no binoculars and focus in on the changing forehead expressions of our favorite Cowboy in that small space above the nose guard in the front of their helmet. It’s this clarity in bird vision that causes the wise father in Proverbs to tell his son to remember that unlike the criminal, when a bird focuses in on a net, they’re not so stupid to fly right in. A criminal committed to a life of violence? Now they’re the ones who are true birdbrains.

“My son, don’t go along with them (the criminals enticing the young man to a life of crime)! Don’t take one step down their path. For their feet run to evil (actions that cause pain and suffering); they rush to shed blood.

It’s useless to spread a net where a bird can see it! Yet these men are dumber than birds. They lie in wait for their own blood. They end up ambushing themselves.  Such are the paths of those who go after illicit gain. It takes away their very life.”  Proverbs 1:15-19

LORD, thanks for exposing me to a father who tells the truth to his son about a gang of thieves. They are cruel, stupid, and self-destructive. Use this dose of reality to keep my children and grandchildren from any of this violent quest for easy money.

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