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Dave's Daily Devo - September 26, 2017

  • 2017 Sep 26

Condemning The Innocent

Luke 23:13-16


One thing that both the police and blacks can agree on is that they don't trust the courts to give them a fair hearing. Police fear that the wrong angle in the video or an incomplete video that doesn't tell the full story could not just cause them to lose their jobs but go to prison for murder. Blacks fear that racial prejudice and the control of the judicial system will set a law enforcement officer guilty of brutality against an innocent victim free to misuse power again. Even as I present these two scenarios, your personal point of view determines which side you’re on.

All of us should be passionate about judges, lawyers, and juries being fair, impartial, and just in the courtroom. We also need to open our eyes to the fact that in the most famous trial of all time two judges insisted the accused was absolutely innocent, yet they handed Him over to be executed.

"Now Pilate called together the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, and said, 'You brought to me this man accusing him of misleading the people. Now look! After examining him before you, I have not found this man guilty of any of the charges you have brought against him. And neither did Herod. He sent him back to us. Look! This man has done nothing worthy of death. Therefore, I will scourge him and then set him free." Luke 23:13-16

Neither Herod or Pilate are going to win any awards for fairness and justice, but in the text it is clear. Pilate emphasizes "look," look at the facts, and the conclusion is obvious. Jesus has done nothing worthy of death. He is innocent. In fact He is the only truly innocent man who ever lived, and the next step should be for Pilate to let Him go. The question in the Story is --will Pilate act justly or will he be controlled by other motives.    

All of our governmental officials need to learn from Pilate and not play the role he plays in their courtroom. I need to learn from Jesus' trial that being innocent doesn't insure you will be set free. Jesus also assures me that He is still in control and can use even Pilate and Herod's politicking to carry out His Father's redemptive purpose.

LORD, in local, state, and national elections put into office judges and officials who will set innocent victims free and not allow their personal agendas and passion to pervert their verdicts to preserve their own power. Today I pray especially for four of my personal friends who will be deciding cases all this week. Give them Your wisdom, truth, and justice.

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