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Down on His Knees - Dave's Daily Devo - September 26

  • 2019 Sep 26


Down on His Knees     

Daniel 6:10-16

Down on his knees in front of his red leather office chair with his red leather Bible opened on the chair and his hand written prayer list, written with a red felt tip pen, right there beside his Bible—these are some of the earliest memories I have of my dad. When I came down the stairs from the attic, where my brother Ron and I slept, took a slight turn to the right, and peaked into his office, I could count on the fact that dad would be having his quiet time. He loved it when I taught the Book of Daniel at Word of Life. 

In his eighties, Daniel didn’t just have a morning time with the Lord, he stopped everything in the middle of the day and in the evening to get down on his knees facing west to Jerusalem and connected with God. The amazing thing is that he kept up this routine even when he knew it might mean getting thrown into the lion’s den. 

“Now Daniel knew what the king had signed into law and he still went to his house where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed, giving thanks before his God, as he had done before. Then these men, the ones who were conspiring together, went and found Daniel seeking his God and making requests from him. 

Then they approached and talked to the king about his decree, “O king! Did you not sign a decree, that anyone who makes a request to any god or man the next thirty days except you, O king, will be thrown into the den of lions?’ The king responded and said, ‘This is true! And it can’t be altered according to the law of the Medes and Persians!’ 

Then they responded before the king and said, ‘Daniel, one of the children of the Exile from Judah, doesn’t pay any attention to you, O king, or your decree that you have signed, but at the appointed time, three times a day, he seeks and petitions his god.’”

Just as in the episode of the fiery furnace we have the anti-Semitic, “those Jews,” again, and Daniel’s enemies spring their trap. They catch the king with his own words, words that by law cannot be altered. Will the king somehow be able to come up with a plan that will keep Daniel out of the mouths of the lions?

What challenges me is Daniel’s consistent discipline in connecting with God at the beginning of his day, in the middle, and at the end. Paul challenges me to pray without ceasing, to always be connected with Jesus’ Spirit living within. Writing these daily devos to share with you keeps me accountable to make sure that I’m daily listening to God in his Word and what a privilege to share with you some of the things he challenges me about. 

LORD, thanks that Daniel, like my dad, modeled the importance of a personal, consistent, daily quiet time with you.

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