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Dave's Daily Devo - September 28, 2017

  • 2017 Sep 28

The Roar Of The Crowd

Luke 23:23-25


I love the roar of the crowd. When I played ball, the adrenaline would kick in when the crowd went wild. I’ve shared with you in the past about being a program director at Word of Life Ranch. As Deputy Dave, I fought the Clanton Brothers, the Ghost Rider, and Jesse James and his gang as we played cowboys and outlaws to help the kids get over their homesickness. I loved it when I walked into Council Hall and the kids screamed their approval. The pride in all of us hungers for the applause and approval of the crowd, but Jesus teaches me that this crowd approval can reverse itself in moments and become deadly.

“But they pressured and demanded with a great cry insisting that Jesus be crucified and their voice continued to become louder and louder. Then Pilate gave in to their request. He released the insurrectionist and the one who had been thrown into prison for murder in accordance with the demand of the crowd. And he handed Jesus over to their will.” - Luke 23:23-25

Ever since Pilate’s fatal decision every judge should ask, “How am I influenced by the roar of the crowd?” Whether it’s the U.S. Supreme Court or a local Justice of the Peace, is it the loud roar of popular opinion that is actually determining the decision or is it moral standards and true justice? Luke makes it crystal clear that Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent of the charges of inciting a rebellion against Rome, but because of the roar of the crowd he released the real terrorist and murdered the Prince of Peace.

LORD, help me not to let the loudness of the crowd cause me to allow the innocent to be hurt while the guilty get away with everything. Use Truth Encounter to challenge especially those in government to live for Your standards of right and wrong and justice revealed in Your Word and not be blown by the changing winds of the roar of the crowd.

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