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Welcome to Our Home - Dave's Daily Devo - July 20

  • 2018 Jul 20


Welcome to Our Home

Acts 21:15-16

“Dave, we have guest preachers who come to our church periodically. Our church always puts them up at the local Holiday Express or Marriott. Why don’t they stay in our homes? “  I was standing by his grill—a grill packed with sausage and chicken covered with Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce. Soon we would sit down at his long table and eat with his family relatives from Ohio, and even the members of a new band who needed the practice. My friend exudes hospitality, and as he put more barbecue sauce on the chicken I was able to share with him that the Apostle Paul was one preacher who took every chance he got to personally fellowship in the homes of believers.

As we’ve been tracing the Apostle’s travels from Macedonia to Judea, Luke has given us one incident after another where he and his entourage enjoyed hospitality in the homes of fellow believers. On the final leg of his journey from Caesarea to Jerusalem Paul continued to get close in the homes of believers.

“After the believers in Caesarea accepted Paul’s commitment to go up to Jerusalem, we got ready and went up to Jerusalem. Some of the disciples from Caesarea made the journey with us and brought us to the home of Mnason. He was a Cypriote and one of the early disciples.”    Acts 21:15-16

This is the only mention of Mnason, but he must have had a big house and a big heart. Remember, Paul is traveling with representatives from the Gentile churches and it’s only fitting that the home that opened up to him in Jerusalem was a believer from the island of Cyprus, his first stop on his first missionary journey.

In all fairness to all the church secretaries who book hotel rooms for visiting preachers, in Paul’s day nice hotels did not line the main roads coming into Jerusalem. But I still maintain that the reason Paul connected in his messages and his letters flowed from the fact that he did get personally connected with believers where ever he went. I need to tell my friend to give a note to whoever books the lodging for his church’s next guest preacher, “I’ve got a room all ready at my house.”

LORD, help me to keep having the privilege of eating barbecue and connecting with not only believers but also unbelievers as we talk, laugh, and connect around the table in a home. Thanks for showing me that it’s in these real life settings that I discover what folks are actually facing and how to apply Your Word to these issues.

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