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Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus - Mar. 24

  • 2012 Mar 24

Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus

From Jesus Lives by Sarah Young


Instead of rushing to pursue a goal, take time to talk with Me about it. I realize that striving to achieve comes almost as naturally to you as breathing. When a goal grabs your attention, your instinct is to “go for it” without really thinking it through. You may invest a lot of time and energy in the endeavor—only later realizing that it was the wrong pursuit. But when you take the time to first discuss matters with Me, you experience much more satisfaction.

There are many benefits to talking with Me—before, during, and after your quest. The Light of My Presence illuminates the pursuit so you can see it from My perspective. As your perspective lines up more with Mine, you gain a growing desire to please Me. This desire produces benefits far beyond the task at hand: It deepens your relationship with Me.

If you discern that your pursuit accords with My will, then you can go forward confidently. As you work collaboratively with Me, continue to communicate about what you are doing. When your goal has been achieved, thank Me for My help and guidance. Rejoice in what we have accomplished together!

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