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Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus - May 26

  • 2012 May 26

Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus

From Catch of the Day by Jimmy Houston

Stop doing evil. Change your ways and do what is right. – JEREMIAH 18:11

Most fishermen think they’re pretty good at catching fish. Most believe if they really had the cnance, they could make it big on the pro level. Most could not. But what they believe in their own minds is what is important.

Over the years we’ve blurred the lines in our minds between good and evil to the point where there is not much difference, but God draws a very well-defined line between good and evil. To God, it’s adultery—not “Well, everyone does it.” To God, it’s murder—not a woman’s choice. To God, it’s a lie—not just bending the truth a bit. To God, it’s divorce—not incompatibility. To God, it’s stealing—not “I can’t afford to tithe.” It’s time we wake up as a people and start doing right according to God.

Fishing Tip
Watch for the mayfly hatch, and fish near bushes and docks with mayflies.

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