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Discover the Book - Apr. 29, 2009

  • 2009 Apr 29

Women Who Never Quit



Mothers of the Promise

Matthew 1: 3-16



Mothers are quite a precious commodity, aren’t they? Each of us owes our very existence to our Mom!


Scriptures are specific when we speak to the blessed theme of motherhood. In fact:


·        God is interested in individuals – 2,930 individuals named.

·        God is interested in women, 327 are women, nearly all mothers.


We know more specifics and good things about women from God’s word than any other ancient document. Let’s go to the starting or origin point – Gen. 2:18-25.


We see her as the crowning act of creation, its completion. She is that which made good God’s only bad report ‘not good man to be alone’. So, He made one to match, complete, and correspond to Him – a helpmate – a woman.


Some have said that there are actually two ways to look at it.


·        Woman’s view = God saw man and immediately thought He could do better – so he made a woman.

·        Man’s view = God made the universe and rested and then made woman – and no one has rested since!!!


Enough humor - Let’s look back at Genesis to get to the heart of the matter of “Mothers of the Promise”. Genesis 3:15 – What is it that God said about women’s Mother’s ministry after the fall of mankind into sin?


Supernatural Birth Coming


·        “Enmity between her seed and your seed”.

·        Women do not have seed they are the bearers of the seed of a man. Hence the possibility of a virgin birth.


Supernatural Conqueror’s Coming


·        He shall bruise his head and you shall bruise his heel


All women were aware of this event and wondered for centuries – would they be a part of this promised Supernatural Conqueror’s coming – Messiah!


Well, turn to Matthew 1 a passage often used at Christmas and forgotten.


Look at those who were in the family tree of the Supernatural Conqueror known as Messiah. Who did God pick to do such monumental work? 46 specifically named folks. 41 men and 5 ladies. Let’s look at these mothers of God, the promise that they were!!


They were in the line sinful, fallen, human women that brought:


èA ray of light

èA promised conqueror

èA supernatural birth

èA sunrise on sin’s night

èA Savior – Christ the Lord


To be in that line was the realization of God’s greatest promise to man – SALVATION!!!


So, Matthew 1:1 starts our introduction of these folks. Note how 5 of the 46 stick out. They were women in a men’s list.


V. 3 Tamar

V. 5 Rahab and Ruth

V. 6 Bathsheba

V. 16 Mary


You can note that in the other list in Luke 3 no women are named. This is unusual.


Women With a Mark


When I say Tamar what to you think of?


When I say Rahab what do you think of?


How about Ruth what do you think of?

From the cursed, incestuously conceived nation of Moab

When I say Bathsheba what do you think of?


What about Mary?

Virtuous to us! She was haunted for 33 ½ years with a shadow. Fornication!


Let’s go to the central issue here:


·        God chose a plan to save fallen humanity.

·        His plan was to invade, and conquer this earth back!

·        His medium was a supernatural birth through woman.


Here’s the list! And what do we find?




Marked lives/stained women

Only 2 Jewish at best – Mary, possibly Tamar

3 Gentiles – Ruth from Moab, Rahab the Canaanite, and Bathsheba the Hittite


That’s astounding! God went outside the covenant! This can only be called one thing – Grace! This is most astonishing.


So what do we have?

5 women –

Tainted by sin or suspicion

All part of a grand plan!


Mothers of the Promise


Women who were to help bring Christ were, “Mothers of the Promise.” They portray grace. Let’s meet each one personally!


TAMAR – NO PAIN TOO GREAT. We can call her cheated, robbed, denied or defrauded. Genesis 38 God kills her husband, she is forgotten, lied to, overlooked, takes law into own hands. Has a child out of wedlock through an incestuous affair. In all – defrauded.


·        Defrauded of normal life.

·        Defrauded out of a happy marriage.

·        Defrauded out of a good name.

·        Defrauded out of a sterling reputation.


Robbed of it all by sin! Know anyone like this? But, God graciously places her here as a “Mother of the Promise” to bring Christ to portray grace.


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