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Discover the Book Apr. 29, 2011

  • 2011 Apr 29


Engineered by God: Loving the Way God Made You

Each of us today are engineered by God; and as we open to Psalm 139, He wants us to understand His intentional design and reflect His glory, by loving the way He made all of the unchangeable features of our lives.

One of the greatest reminders of God’s creative power is the reality that each of us humans who have ever lived are distinctly, uniquely, and wonderfully different. From our fingerprint, to our tongues, from our DNA to our lives—we are all spiritual snowflakes, truly one-of-a-kind.

The fingerprint of God upon us means that no two of us have ever been quite alike, in all the generations of humans, since Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden.

We Uniquely Bear the

Fingerprints of God

Each of us are built to a perfect and intricate set of plans, engineered by God Himself. Part of the distinction that sets humans apart from all other living things is what God's Word describes as “the image of God”. Within every cell of our physical body is a set of those Divine Fingerprints called our DNA. The Human Genome is a wonder of precise engineering that laid down everything about your physical body. And once regenerated by salvation, we have another unique set of plans made up of God’s gifts and callings that exactly corresponds to how God designed our unchangeable features. Our response to the spiritual DNA God places within us at salvation, combined with the physical abilities and design of our bodies makes such a wonderful life for all who know God.

So each one of us was perfectly designed by God for His glory; and each aspect of our existence that we had no choice in, is a reflection of God’s power: who we are, where we were born, how we look, all of our imperfections and weaknesses, and countless other details—are all part of God’s marvelous design.

Each of us are like rare and precious jewels, no one is worthless or unimportant in God’s plan.

Your intellect, your giftedness, your abilities, and most of all who you are as a man, woman, young man, or a young woman are the strategic resources God has given you to serve and please Him. Now comes the challenge.

  • Do each of us know what God's Word has clearly explained are the desires of God for us as individuals?
  • Then, as we enter into relationships, do we know what God has said are His expectations for every relationship in life? God’s Word explains how to succeed in every relationship of life: dating and marriage, employers and employees, church members and ministry, citizens of countries and society, and so on.
  • Then as we train others by example and teaching, nurturers and parents, do you know what God wants from your sons as men and from your daughters as women? In some areas the Lord wants similar character for boys and girls, but in most areas, His plan for a young lady GREATLY DIFFERS from His plans for young men.

The Lord Almighty, God of the Universe has made men and women differently, with different qualities, different roles, and different purposes within His great plan. Today, God wants each of us to know what He designed us to be as men and women, as sons and daughters, as husbands and wives, and parents and children.

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