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Discover the Book - Aug. 16, 2009

  • 2009 Aug 16

Turning Your Spare Time Into Gold For God


Think with me where you show up on a diagnostic test that detects this deadly condition called overload. Do you have any of these symptoms?


ACTIVITY OVERLOAD - we book our lives weeks into the future and often in the desire to be more efficient we book several things into the same time period. “Activity overload takes away the pleasure of anticipation and the delight of reminiscence.” God says be still and know Me...Ps 46:10


CHANGE OVERLOAD - “nothing defines our age more than the furious and relentless increase in the rate of change,” summarizes historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. For thousands of years of recorded history change came in a slow, controlled and understandable rate, now we are brutally jerked forward at warp speed whether we like it or not. God says seek out the old paths where you find rest for your soul ...Jer 6:16


DECISION OVERLOAD - “every day we have more tough decisions to make and less time to do it in. The trivial ones are objectionable just because of how many there are [what flavor, which topping, mint or tartar control, low fat, low sodium, diet or regular...] But we also are facing new choices generations past never dreamed of: whether or not to wait to have children; whether to move and change jobs; whether both dad and mom should work outside the home; whether we should put grandma in the home or not. Too many decisions trivial or not in too short a time is vintage overload.” If thine eye be single...Mt 6:22


FATIGUE OVERLOAD - we are a tired society. Even leisure is often exhausting. With our generator indicator flashing discharge it's little wonder our batteries are drained. Our weary, withered state is not God’s plan. It's not the fault of activities or friends; it's the result of overload. Jesus said rest for our souls...


HURRY OVERLOAD - “haste is a modern ailment. It is also fashionably American. Our lives are nonstop, lived at a breathless pace. We walk fast, talk fast, eat fast and then excuse our selves by saying, ‘I must run.’” Alexander Solzhenitsyn accusingly said, “Hastiness and superficiality - these are the psychic diseases of the 20th century”.  Wait patiently for the Lord...Psalm 25:5; 27:14; 37:7,9,34; 62:5; 123:2


INFORMATION OVERLOAD - a single edition of the NY Times has more information than a seventeenth century Britisher would have encountered in a lifetime...


MEDIA OVERLOAD - 98% of Americans have TV; the average US home has 2 and both are on 7 hours a day...

SEVEN KEYS to find spare time to turn into gold invested with God

Today what can we do to start turning more of our time into gold? Here is a short list. Try some of these:

  • EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Start some spare time by adding 15 to 20 minutes to activities and events you plan to do.
  • LEARN TO SAY NO. There are many good things that we must learn to say no to each day.
  • TURN OFF THE TV. While you are in the habit of saying no try the object that consumes 15 to 30 hours of a normal Americans week. Be abnormal and turn it off!
  • PRUNE ACTIVITY BRANCHES. One writer compares life to a tree. We have our family limb, our church limb, our job limb, our neighbors and relative’s limbs. From these grow various commitments called activity branches. They grow and grow. Our lives go faster and faster until we have no spare time. Prune them. Cut them back until life slows down. Even if it’s painful. We do too much extra at work, church and so on that isn’t the better part as Mary chose. Prune.
  • SIMPLIFY. Try to cut back on the complexity and maintenance of things. If we spend all our time with things how can we find time for the only part of life that lasts forever - people?
  • CUT THE CHAINS OF TECHNOLOGY. We easily get under the control of our tools. Try to turn or take off your beeper, cell phone, clock, alarms, faxes and telephones for a day, and then try a week. Just as fasting from food purifies the body, so fasting from technology purifies the soul and purges the restlessness we pick up from society.
  • THIN THE CALENDAR. Did you know that anticipation enhances enjoyment? And memories are sweet when they are relished? Too many back to back events drown the anticipation and the memories.


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