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Discover the Book - Aug. 6, 2010

  • 2010 Aug 06

Modeling Godliness in an Ungodly World



As we open God's Word to the end of Titus 2:3, we arrive at the single most powerful quality of the entire Titus 2 men's and women's lists. This single word in the Greek language sums up the entire reason we live on Earth. This statement of God's plan for all women, in one word sums up all that will last forever. This word explains how to keep from suffering loss at Christ's Judgment Seat. This word ties together what God wants and how we receive His well done.


This word describes teaching from example. The next and final word for older women of the faith is the word "admonish" which speaks of confronting those who may not even have ever thought of God's claim on their lives, and bring them to their senses.


Simply stated:


Jesus Wants Women to Model

God's Plan Expressed in His Word


As I read this verse and describe the previous qualities, do a mental check up on how you are doing ladies. God says all ladies young and old are to either be living this way, or be headed towards living this way:


1.                   Reverent in Behavior: Living holy in an unholy world;

2.                  Not Slanderers: Speaking gracefully in a graceless world;

3.                  Not Given to Much Wine: Disciplining appetites in an undisciplined world;

4.                  Teachers of Good Things: as the Greek word kalodidaskalous is rendered in the NKJV, ESV, NAS, and NIV. God is looking for godly, mature women who will surrender their minds, bodies, appetites, conversation, and time to Him so that they Model Godliness in an Ungodly World;


The Lord God who wrote the Book here explains to us a plan for living.


He reduces every choice, every decision, every plan, and every goal in life for a believer down to one of two types. Either that plan, thought, or action was good, and God saves it forever, or it was bad and God burns it. It isn't worthy of Heaven, eternity, nor His Presence.


According to Jesus, there are only two settings on God's sorter. And with that sorting system, God sorts our lives into two piles: save or burn.


Have you ever noticed that Jesus always dealt in sharp contrasts and absolutes? Look for a moment at Matthew 6, and think of what He said:


·         There are only two Banks: the one where things get lost, stolen, rusted, and moth eaten; and the one where things are secured eternally (Matthew 6:19-21).

·         There are only two masters, but only one can be loved, served, and pleased by our lives (Matthew 6:24).

·         There are only two roads that we can walk while on Earth: one to Heaven one to Hell (Matthew 7:13-14).


That means that for all of God's born-again children, Christ Jesus only has two categories that He uses to rate everything we do, as He sorts out the constant stream of activities His children do in life.


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