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Discover the Book - December 14

  • 2020 Dec 14


Christmas: The Only Gift Everyone Really Needs

Christmas is all about gifts; gift giving, give buying, and gift receiving make up so much of these weeks of the year. Many are looking for the most "wanted" gifts; so much so that often these gifts are sold out and become even more sought after. As we open to the last dozen verses of Luke 1 today, think about…


The world's largest retailers sent out a beautiful, full color glossy flyer a few weeks ago with the "gifts everyone wants this Christmas".

I was driving as Bonnie read through the items offered: diamondshome theaters, complete "dream vacation" packages to be with music stars backstage, and on went the list. Then the "ultimate" gift was presented—a million and a half dollar personal jet that seats four!

Just what we all really want—diamonds, dream vacations, and private jets, right?

Christmas in America is mostly about gifts I give and receive. Billions and billions of dollars of sales attest to the fact that for these 4-6 weeks we flood the retail outlets and search out and but the gifts that are most wanted, most sought after, most unique, most memorable and so on.

But the real Christmas was the very first one, when God confronted the world with the only gift everyone really needs.

Christmas is about the gift no one seeks but everyone needs.

In fact God came to provide the only gift that everyone absolutely, critically needs—the substitutionary death of His Son, who came to meet our critical, eternal-life-threatening need prompted by our sins.

To help us understand Christmas from God's perspective: look over the holiday crowds that always seems to get in front of us everywhere we want to go these days; look beyond our house, our street, our city, our state, and even our planet—and look above and remember to see our God on His Throne.


As you think about Christmas, gifts, presents, giving and receiving—why not check and be sure that you have received the most important of all gifts.

Only if we have received Him, Jesus who came to save us from sin, do we really have anything in our possession that matters. Every other possession and gift can be stripped away from us by deathdisease, or disaster. Only Jesus will never leave us or be lost; only He can save and keep us forever.

Have you received the one and only gift that you (and everyone else) really needs?

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