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Discover the Book - Dec. 24, 2009

  • 2009 Dec 24

Call His Name Jesus

Christmas: Call His Name Jesus—At the Name of Jesus

"For He will save His people from their sins" 

Our New Testament opens with the glorious advent of Christ the Promised One; God the Son came to Earth to save sinners.  

Christmas really has one theme and one central message—Jesus came to save people from their sins. That is the way He is introduced to us; those are the first words recorded about Jesus in the New Testament.  

Christmas as Matthew 1:21  introduces it, is year round--because Christmas means remembering Christ's coming to Earth to save people from their sins.  

Christmas marks the season we remember the birth of the Name; the Name that is above every name—the Name of Jesus.  And that Name is first given to us in Matthew 1. 


More people over the past 20 centuries have found strength, comfort, and most of all salvation in the Name of Jesus, than any other Name.  

The Name of Jesus has been whispered with the last breath of countless dying saints;

That Name has been sobbed at the bedsides of many sick and injured loved ones;

That Name has been held to tightly in many dark and fearful hours.  

That Name is the Name that is above every name; at the Name of Jesus every knee will bow; with the Name of Jesus, God highly exalted His Son. 


Look with me to the very first time the Name of Jesus is used in our New Testaments. It is in the first book. Matthew starts right out with a long list of names. At the end of that genealogy we find the first record of the greatest Name that is above every name—because in Matthew 1:21 we first find the Name of Jesus. 

Matthew introduces us to Jesus through this list of fallen sinners so we can see Christ came as a human, the Son of Man, encompassing all of mankind in our needy condition, weaknesses and frailties—yet of course He comes always without sin.  

*       Matthew 1:21  "And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins."  

The One who came can forgive sins. When He forgives us, He also moves to live within us. Jesus is God with us! We have all of God in the person of Christ who dwells in us!  

Christmas is forever tied with Jesus coming to "save His people from their sins". The message of Christmas is salvation from sin in the Name of Jesus.  

This Christmas, if you fear your past, hate your sin, long to have some deep dark stain removed, some painful memory healed, some horrible guilt forever banished—Jesus has come. His gates are open wide; His Door is unlocked and He stands with open arms to believers and unbelievers alike, this very moment. No one who ever wants to believe and be saved is ever turned away. 

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