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Discover the Book - December 23

  • 2012 Dec 23

Lessons from the Wise Men Giving our Worship to Jesus

Christmas, the greatest event since Creation, took place in a sleepy little village just five miles from Jerusalem. God came from Heaven wrapped in baby clothes, and was laid in a stone, feeding trough, called a manger.

At His birth Christ was only welcomed and worshipped by two groups of people—outside of His own family. Those two groups, the shepherds and the Wisemen, were poles apart socially, economically, culturally, ethnically, and in every other way but spiritually. But when the shepherds and Wisemen met at the feet of Jesus, they worshipped on common ground.  

The shepherds and the wisemen stand out in the Christmas story because of all the creatures on earth created in His image--they were the only ones who came seeking the newborn King!   

Tenacious Belief

Undaunted, those magi believed the Scriptures. They had traveled several hundred miles to worship Jesus. They had been guided by God's Shekinah light (the star that moved), and by His Scriptures—to find baby Jesus in Bethlehem. The Wisemen may have been part of the men instructed by Daniel the prophet about the coming Messiah. So when at last they saw the child, they fell down and worshiped Him. He was God in the flesh. Worship was all they could do. 

Are You Looking?

Everyone who was looking for Jesus to come enjoyed His arrival. If you want to seek and find Him here is a pattern that God has recorded for us to learn from. 

Personally--Come to Him Yourself:What a powerful lesson in the way these Wisemen gave. They didn’t send their gifts by another’s hand, they came and brought them personally to Jesus. God wants you, in person, to come to Him. Undaunted by the long and arduous journey, they must have been amazed to find a mere baby in a stable.  

Sacrificially--Give your time, freedom, and comfort for Him: From the two year calculation of Herod’s death warrant on the babies of the region we can infer that it took many months for these Wisemen to travel to Jerusalem. Herod added some months on each end to cover any potential birth near that time. All that to say that it was hard to travel 1,100 to 1,200 miles back then. They walked and rode across hot and arid deserts, through rivers, and across cold and dangerous mountain passes to get to Christ's birthplace from the regions of Babylon, Persia or Media. Even today this journey is very difficult and dangerous. 

What are you sacrificing giving to Jesus this Christmas that costs you something?

This Christmas, why don’t you consider William Temple’s definition of worship? And while you are off the busy highway of life--measure your personal worship temperature. Here is what he said: “[Worship is] to quicken the conscience by the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to purge the imagination by the beauty of God, to open up the heart to the love of God, to devote the will to the purpose of God.”  

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