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Discover the Book - Feb. 22, 2011

  • 2011 Feb 22


Mothers of the Promise


Mothers are quite a precious commodity, aren't they?  Each of us owes our very existence to our Mom!


Matthew 1:1 starts our introduction of 5 very important women.  Note how 5 of the 46 stick out.  They were women in a men's list.  Of 46 total listed 41 were men:


            V. 3     Tamar

            V. 5     Rahab and Ruth

            V. 6     Bathsheba

            V. 16   Mary


You can note that in the other list in Luke 3 no women are named.  This is unusual.


Women With a Mark


When I say Tamar what to you think of? 


When I say Rahab what do you think of?


How about Ruth what do you think of?

            From the cursed, incestuously conceived nation of Moab

When I say Bathsheba what do you think of?


What about Mary

Virtuous to us! She was haunted for 33 ½ years with a shadow. Fornication!


Let's go to the central issue here:


·         God chose a plan to save fallen humanity.

·         His plan was to invade, and conquer this earth back!

·         His medium was a supernatural birth through woman.


None of These Five Deserved to be in the Line of Christ, All Were Sinners

Tamar        Defrauded

Rahab                   Defiled

Ruth                      Despised

Bathsheba            Defeated

Mary                      Determined



Today, Mother, will you be DETERMINED as Mary and each was, to be a "Mother of the Promise" to bring Christ, demonstrate his grace.


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